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The next level of MCHG

Here you can purchase collections of chests which will either unlock common but useful or rare and flashy kits. All of these are unlockable in-game with effort and skill but by supporting us you give us the chance to add even more cool stuff to DojoHG. 

You can also donate for ranks which will give you special perks like joining a full/started server or other useful commands.

Paying with PaySafeCard

English :

We accept paysafecard in large payments of 50$+ only, these payments will be proccessed by a staff member and are not instant, to purchase with paysafecard join our teamspeak and join a support channel, email the code and what you would like to or DM the code to @DojoHG on twitter.

German :

Wir akzeptieren jetzt für Bezahlungen über 50$ auch PaySafeCard. Diese Bezahlungen werden manuell von Teammitgliedern bearbeitet und brauchen Bearbeitungszeit. Um mit PaySafecard zu bezahlen joint dem PvPDojo-TeamSpeak und geht in den PaySafeCard Waiting Room. Man kann den PaySafeCardCode auch zusammen mit Username und dem Paket das man kaufen möchte an senden oder privat auf Twitter an @DojoHG schicken.

Where does my donation go?

     Excellent question! Simply put: Supporting the servers, Keeping them running and allow us to improve!

All ranks that you purchase are non-refundable!


This means that if you purchase a rank that allows you to connect to full servers, it will only process when you join the server.

After purchasing a rank you may have to wait 5-15 minutes for the rank to proceed.

If the rank did not process, please contact us on twitter @dojohg